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The primary objective of Skillnet is to be the outstanding, independent, vocational training provider of choice. We aim to provide a service that consistently meets or exceeds requirements and expectations for Apprentices and employers alike. 

In order to achieve this objective, Skillnet operates using a Quality Management System which meets the requirements of external stakeholders and regulatory bodies, at the same time as complying with the legislative requirements of Health and Safety, Equal Opportunities and Safeguarding.

All Skillnet programmes are delivered in a manner which consistently places the learner at the centre of all training. All programmes are delivered in a cost-effective way that has a real and lasting impact on the beneficiaries, be they the funders, employers or individual learners. Feedback from learners, employers and key stakeholders is gathered by Skillnet on a regular basis to ensure that their needs and expectations are consistently being met.

We believe that every vacancy filled must be for the:

  • right learner
  • on the right programme 
  • at the right level
  • for the right length of time

Through the planned and continual review of systems, Skillnet seeks the continuous improvement of our training to improve the experience of all our customers and stakeholders. The continuing recognition of appropriate external quality standards will underpin the continuous improvement culture across the business.

It is the policy of Skillnet to ensure that all employees are fully informed of the requirements. All employees and subcontractors of Skillnet are required to participate in regular quality improvement activities, including continuous professional development.

Day to day responsibility for the management of the Quality Assurance lies with the Managing Director and Quality Director. The Quality Director retains overall responsibility for implementation, compliance of quality and operating procedures throughout the business.

At Skillnet we believe that quality is written in our script.

  • Support - “We support each other to ensure we support our learners and key stakeholders”

  • Communication - “The key to any relationship is communication”

  • Reputation - “We didn’t buy our great reputation, we earned it”

  • Impact - “Our intention and implementation has a positive impact on our staff, learners and key stakeholders”

  • People - “We look after our people to ensure our people look after themselves, our learners and key stakeholders”

  • Time - “Right first Time”