Skillnet Personnel

Who we are

Skillnet Personnel

Delivering Outstanding Talent for Outstanding Opportunities

Skillnet Personnel provides a Staffing & Recruitment service, building on the years of expert knowledge gained through our delivery of high quality nationwide apprenticeship programmes.

Our dedicated and experienced team will help you recruit top quality professional Talent for your technical, sales, middle and senior management, positions.

Having a robust people strategy is essential for any business to thrive in an ever changing business world and effective recruitment & resource planning can be very challenging. In times of skills shortages, high employment and a fast moving commercial environment, finding the right organisation to partner with for delivering this strategy is imperative.

Skillnet Personnel is just such a partner: We have the skills and expertise to help identify, define and scope your requirements and build an effective campaign to deliver great results – quickly and efficiently.

Our consultants have extensive experience of matching  the brightest talent with the most exciting opportunities and work constantly to expand our existing networks with high calibre individuals with a referenced and credible career history.

We provide a dedicated service which sets itself aside from our competitors in terms of quality, speed and efficiency.

What we do

Resourcing Solutions

Attracting and recruiting talent can be challenging, so it is important that you partner with a company that has the necessary experience and flexible approach to help you get the right people at the right time

Skillnet Personnel sets itself apart by always focussing on our clients’ needs and challenges when considering an individual’s skills and talent

Whether we are looking for a single person for a permanent or contract engagement or an entire team to work on large projects, we concentrate on providing end-to-end people services across your business.

Permanent Search Assignments

We appreciate that each company and each individual role is different and unique. Accordingly we will tailor our approach to suit each role depending on your specific requirements, needs and wishes. Fundamentally however once we have the necessary information and knowledge, Skillnet Personnel follow a structured approach to sourcing, filtering and presenting the very best candidates for you to consider

Once we have generated a ‘long list’, a senior consultant will conduct an interview and assessment with each candidate using tried and tested techniques to establish and verify employment history, technical ability, personality traits, culture and their career goals and motivations. Our personal and consultative approach with all candidates helps us to fill your role in the most appropriate, effective and expedient manner.

Depending on your specific requirements, verbal and/or written references are obtained for every candidate. These can be a combination of former employers, past or present peers or through our known and trusted network from across the industry.

Every candidate is fully briefed on each role before they are presented to you to ensure that they understand the role, what your expectations of them will be and to ascertain that they are genuinely interested in pursuing the opportunity – nothing frustrates ore than a timewaster!

During the search and selection process, we will gain invaluable market intelligence regarding industry reputations and outside perceptions of your company which we will happily share with you for information and consideration.

Retained Assignment

Under retained recruitment conditions, Skillnet Personnel acts as a fully 'outsourced' recruitment arm of your organisation and the process is tailored to meet your specific needs, through detailed consultation and ongoing communication.

Every retained assignment that we undertake is supported with a detailed written proposal or Statement of Works (SOW). This outlines the scope of work, fee structure and the mutual responsibility of both parties. In such engagements Skillnet Personnel takes responsibility for the recruitment process and liaises with regular update and feedback sessions to ensure collaboration and a successful outcome.

On appointment, a senior account manager is designated to the client for the duration of the assignment. The recruitment process that we use is rigorous and a detailed search is conducted to find ideal candidates, who are then subjected to a comprehensive screening and interview process. Once a short list is determined, Skillnet Personnel will present this to the client and liaise to conduct interviews.

The standard fee structure is commensurate with the retained assignment results with the client paying one-third of the fee on engagement and commencement of the assignment; one-third upon delivery of a short list; and the balance upon successful placement of the ideal candidate – the performance based retainer.

Register a Vacancy

If you are interested in recruiting an Apprentice please register a vacancy.

How we find applicants

Skillnet Personnel has an extensive database of highly skilled candidates which is continually being added to through our own advertising, external networking and resourcing activities.

To supplement these core actions, we utilise a mixture of traditional sourcing techniques such as job-boards and web-based resources in conjunction with a number of digital and social media initiatives, enabling us to broaden our geographic and demographic reach.

Having such a broad and eclectic mix of resources and techniques allows us to be flexible in our response and deliver quickly and efficiently to service your needs and simply deliver outstanding people.