Apprenticeships and their benefits

An Apprenticeship is a structured programme of training which combines theoretical learning with practical application. A well-trained Apprentice understands what they are doing, why they are doing it and how to do it well.

Recruiting a new member of staff and turning them into the trained person you need for the future of your business is a vitally important and specialist task. The Government has recognised the value of Apprenticeships for the development of the UK economy and provides funding to support the recruitment and development of new Apprentices. 

The return on investment from recruiting a new Apprentice is often a significant contribution to the profitability of the businesses that employ them. Apprenticeships provide a structured training programme with training costs at least part-funded by the Government. They also offer the chance to choose the Apprentice that’s exactly right for your business. This makes Apprenticeships an excellent way to develop your workforce. To find out more about how Apprenticeships could work for your business, contact Skillnet today or register a vacancy.



Apprentices will achieve Nationally recognised competence qualifications through assessment and training in the workplace. These qualifications are accepted by employers and academic institutes.

People who complete an Apprenticeship usually gain a competence qualification at Level 2. Advanced Apprenticeships lead to a qualification at Level 3.

Maths, English and Information Communication Technologies (ICT)

All Apprentices are required to demonstrate their abilities in skills such as English language, number skills, and information technology. These skills are essential skills that underpin success in education, employment, lifelong learning and personal development and they are essential to compete effectively in the labour market, in any field.

VOCATIONALLY RELEVANT QUALIFICATIONS  (also known as VRQ'S or Technical Certificates)

These qualifications  focus on the knowledge and understanding that underpins an Apprentice’s  ability to carry out their job role competently. They may also cover wider aspects of the chosen occupation or sector. They prove that every Apprentice understands the theory behind the job as well as being able to carry out the practical tasks.

Apprenticeship Options

Skillnet helps businesses recruit and train the best people and offer Apprenticeships for:

  • Light Vehicle
  • Heavy Vehicle 
  • Fast Fit
  • Body and Paint
  • Parts
  • Auto Electricians
  • Customer Service
  • Sales
  • Business Administration
  • Team Leading
  • Management

and a range of other disciplines for Logistics, Financial Services and other industries.

Whether you are looking to recruit a new Apprentice or to arrange training for existing staff, Skillnet can help

Recruiting an Apprentice

We take great care to understand your precise requirements before matching any potential Apprentices to you. We take all of our applicants through a rigorous selection process to test their commitment, aptitude and academic ability.

This includes a series of tests, face to face interviews and presentations. For every one applicant that you see, we have tested and interviewed many more. Of course, as these applicants will become your employees, you get the final say on which applicant(s) you employ.

Applicants in your area

You can use our Applicant Location page to see all the Applicants we have in your area.


In England, the Skills Funding Agency (SFA) contributes 100% of the costs of training any Apprentice who is aged between 16 and 18 on the day they start their Apprenticeship. For older learners, contributions may be required from employers to cover some of the costs of training.

Different funding regimes exist in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. 

Our Apprenticeship programmes are part financed by the European Social Fund through the Welsh Government

European Social Fund

For further details please contact us.

Register a Vacancy

If you are interested in recruiting an Apprentice please register a vacancy.

Resources For Employers & Mentors

Recruiting an Apprentice is an excellent investment for businesses. To help maximise the return on that investment, we have compiled the following useful information. If you have any additional questions or require information not shown here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Information, Advice and Guidance Policy

Equality and Diversity Policy

Health and Safety Policy

Information guide showing the benefits of recruiting an apprentice