Apprentice Testimonials

"My Apprenticeship has been more than I could ever have hoped for when I left school. Now that I have nearly completed it, I am looking forward to the advanced training courses that I will go on as part of my training plan. 

I feel I have made a massive improvement in myself as a person and as an Apprentice technician in my dealership. I am now confidently working on my own and making a difference to the team I work with on a daily basis." - Anthony Barnet – HGV Technician

"The team I work with is very supportive and everyone gets on well. My manager always supports me with any issues and listens to me, but will also challenge me with certain tasks. 

Each month I am aware we have set targets to achieve - we get a daily overview on how we’re tracking which the manager leads and makes sure we understand our goals." - Chelsea Riddle – Trust Ford

"I chose an apprenticeship because I wanted to gain professional experience while learning. I heard about the Ford Apprenticeship and instantly applied online. This has provided me with a trade and job for my future. I am now a Qualified Ford Light Vehicle Technician. 

I saw the apprenticeship as a career and was determined to find something in the motor industry. I’ve always had an interest in cars so the motivation and passion was already there for me." - Daniel Sykes – Technician Apprentice

"I have benefited from my apprenticeship by gaining the knowledge and skills to service and repair HG vehicles, which has led to me securing a full time job after my apprenticeship finished. 

This has given me financial security in my life and allowed me to do things that others my age may not be able to afford, like save for a deposit for a house." - Dextor Truscott – HGV Technician apprentice

"The apprenticeship has not only given me the ability to earn while I learn but also the opportunity to work towards a qualification and a career with a real chance of progression. 

Working alongside people who have a lot of experience in the industry is a great help and I continue to learn each and every day." - Gareth Crooks - Vehicle Parts Apprentice

"There is a lot to take in to begin with but as the days went on I started improving as my knowledge and my confidence started to grow. 

The apprenticeship has enabled me to maximise my knowledge in the motor industry and progress as a person. I believe this is the best way to start a career as you earn while you learn, gaining experience as you go along." - Joshua Wadsworth – Ford

"My apprenticeship has completely changed my life, simply because I am now doing what I love, working on cars and vans. 

Before I began my apprenticeship I knew what parts on a car were, but had no idea how to change them. Diagnosing faults and fitting parts gives me such pride in what I do." - Rhys Tanner – Technician Apprentice

"Although I had very basic car maintenance skills before the apprenticeship, I now have the knowledge and understanding to tackle all areas of motor mechanics. 

Now as a qualified technician, I am always thinking of ways to improve both my personal role and the business." - Thomas Horspool - Technician Apprentice