About Apprenticeships Options


Employers value real working skills when they are selecting new employees and promoting existing employees. So Apprentices who have worked for and achieved qualifications as well as gained experience at work will be in a good position to further theircareer.

Depending on their starting point successful applicants will work towards an Apprenticeship or an Advanced Apprenticeship with Skillnet. Usually they work through their level 2 NVQ or VCQ, skills in maths, English and ICT and Level 2 Technical Certificates and then progress onto theirLevel 3 NVQ/VCQ and Level 3 Technical Certificates.

For technical qualifications, once they have achieved these awards they are recognised as a qualified Vehicle Technician. They can then build on these awards through further training or education. Skillnet can provide Apprentices with advice and guidance on how to start an Apprenticeship and then how to develop their career to become a Senior Technician or a Senior Manager.

Skillnet also deliver a range of non-technical qualifications, so whatever their interest, Skillnet offers training courses which will help.

What Is An Apprenticeship?

An Apprenticeship is your passport to an exciting new career. As well as gaining valuable qualifications Apprentices will also gain real practical skills that will help them build a successful long term career.  Whether an Apprenticeship is technical or non-technical they will learn skills relevant to today’s employers.

Why Choose an Apprenticeship?


Doing an Apprenticeship or an Advanced Apprenticeship involves  "on-the-job" training. Apprentices can build up knowledge and skills, gain qualifications and earn money all at the same time.


Apprentices are e trained in the skills they need to become a fully qualified member of staff. As they progress through their qualifications they will become a more valuable employee and their earning abilities will increase accordingly.


There is a shortage of skilled technicians in the automotive industry. As cars, bikes and trucks become more advanced the need for skilled repairers becomes greater.

Once an Apprentice has qualified as a technician they can go on to develop their skills in a number of different areas. They can become a specialist technical expert, finding and fixing complex faults or perhaps get involved in training other technicians.

Alternatively, Apprentices can use their skills to develop a career in sales, parts, general management and a range of other disciplines. With a technical or non-technical qualification as an Advanced Apprentice the world really is their oyster.

Whether they are looking to work in automotive, logistics or any of the other industries we work with then Skillnet is able to offer a wide range of qualifications to young people and adult learners.

Qualifications available


Apprentices will achieve nationally recognised competence qualifications through assessment and training in the workplace. These qualifications are accepted by employers and academic institutes.

People who complete an Apprenticeship usually gain a competence qualification at Level 2. Advanced Apprenticeships lead to a qualification at Level 3.

Maths, English and Information Communication Technologies (ICT)

All Apprentices are required to demonstrate their abilities in skills such as English language, number skills, and information technology. These skills are essential skills that underpin success in education, employment, lifelong learning and personal development and they are needed to compete effectively in the labour market, in any field.

VOCATIONALLY RELEVANT QUALIFICATIONS  (also known as VRQ'S or Technical Certificates)

These qualifications focus on the knowledge and understanding that underpin an Apprentice’s ability to carry out their job role competently. They may also cover wider aspects of the chosen occupation or sector. They prove that every Apprentice understands the theory behind the job as well as being able to carry out the practical tasks.

Automotive Apprenticeships

With many apprenticeships available in various different sectors in the automotive industry, there are plenty of opportunities for career progression. Thanks to the support that many automotive employers offer, the ability to earn while you learn has never been easier.

Automotive apprenticeships provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to kick-start your career, working alongside experienced employees as you go. As an apprentice, you’ll be working for a company with all of the real responsibilities you’d expect, giving you valuable experience in the ‘real world’ while also developing your life-skills at an important stage in your career.

What we offer:

Skillnet offers apprenticeships, providing you with the first step in your career to go on and progress, succeed and fulfil your ambitions within the motoring industry. 

Sound good to you? Complete our online form to enquire about the dealership apprenticeships available to you.

Resources for Applicants

From securing your first job to supporting you through your complete training programme, the information provided here will help keep you on track. Please remember, you can always talk confidentially to your Skills Coach or any other member of Skillnet staff. Please contact us if you have any questions or require any information not listed here.


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Apprenticeships Available

At Skillnet, we can offer apprenticeships for:


Apprentices will learn how to find and repair faults on a range of different cars as well as carry out routine servicing. Computer technology plays a key part in today's vehicles and you will use them as part of your everyday activities.


Today's trucks can be worth in excess of £100,000 and so learning how to keep them safely on the road is critical to their owners, who rely on the skills students will learn as an apprentice Heavy Vehicle Technician.


Tyres and exhausts need to be fitted quickly and expertly. As a Fast-fit Technician Apprentices learn a range of repair and replace techniques which will make them a key member of the workforce.


An accident  is the last thing anyone wants in a vehicle but they do happen. The job of a MET/Vehicle Body Fitting Technicain Apprentice will be to remove and replace damaged parts and ensure that the vehicle is returned to "as good as new" and "as safe as new" condition. This role includes replacing any mechanical components that may be damaged in an accident, from a light bulb to a complete engine.


The best cars are beautifully designed and then beautifully painted. Vehicle Paint Technician Apprentices will learn how to prepare vehicles for primer and paint and then mix, match and apply a range of different paints using a whole series of different techniques.


Modern vehicles are designed with a huge range of different body construction materials that require increasingly complex repair methods. Vehicle Panel Technicians are responsible for restoring the vehicle bodywork to its pre-accident condition by panel-beating, welding, fabricating and filling.


Today's vehicles are designed so that many parts can be replaced. The job of a Parts Technicain is to use the latest computer technology to find the right part, at the right price and in the right location to ensure their customers get the part they need. This career requires a real eye for detail and a strong interest in computers.


The electrical systems on cars and trucks are becoming increasingly complex and Apprentices who train as a specialist in this area will be in high demand.


From meeting and greeting customers to dealing with complaints and compliments, how a business delivers customer service is key to its success. This Apprenticeship is suitable for people working in all areas of the dealership.


The key to business success is finding and retaining customers. Whether it is selling parts or vehicles or other products and servics, developing good long-term relationships with customers is vital. This Apprenticeship will train learners in the key techniques to successful, professional selling.


The smooth flow of paper and other information through a dealership is vital. This Apprenticeship will develop learners' IT, customer service and general administration skills.


Whether an employee has been newly promoted to their first supervisory role or are an experienced Manager this range of training programmes will help develop their skills.


A traineeship is an education and training programme with work experience that unlocks your great potential and prepares you for your future career by helping you to become ‘work ready’.

Designed to help young people aged 16 to 24 who don’t yet have the appropriate skills or experience, traineeships provide the essential work preparation training, English, maths and work experience needed to secure an apprenticeship or employment.

The majority of Skillnet's successful Trainees go on to a full time Apprenticeship training programme and employment with one of our clients.